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Welcome to the Driver Dashboard for the MLRA! Please click on the below links to learn more about our Rules Package, Car Illustrations, Driver Forms including Rookie Form and MLRA Official License Information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us through out contact page and we'll get you fixed up!

Any Driver entering and competing in a Lucas Oil MLRA Series event acknowledges and accepts the following:

Lucas Oil MLRA Series and its assigns may use the Driver’s names, pictures, likeness, and performances in any way, medium, or material. Including without limitations by and through, television, radio air-wave: cable and satellite broadcasts, film productions, videotape reproductions, audio-take reproductions, transmissions over the Internet and public and private on-line service authorized by Lucas Oil MLRA Series and the like, before, during and after the event for promoting, advertising, recording or reporting in the event or any other Lucas Oil MLRA Series sanctioned event, and do hereby relinquish all rights there to for these purposes, provided however that the car owner and driver shall retain the exclusive use of its or his name; picture and likeness in connection with product endorsements and the sale of products, services, concessions and merchandise.

Tire Rules

Left Front – (90) LM20 or harder RF/LR- (90) LM30, W30, WRS D55 Right Rear – (92) LM30, W30, WRS D55 *Must use the same set of 4 tires for Time Trials, Heat Races, and B-Mains and A-Mains *If you change a flat to retain your position you must replace with the same compound as the flat and needs to be a used tire. *If you replace a flat with a new tire, you go to the tail of your next race in the event....more

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Lucas Oil MLRAas of 6/25/2022
  • 1.Johnny Scott 1640pts
  • 2.Chad Simpson 1575pts
  • 3.Kolby Vandenbergh 1420pts
  • 4.Tad Pospisil 1355pts
  • 5.Daniel Hilsabeck 1260pts
  • 6.Chris Simpson 1115pts
  • 7.Kaeden Cornell 1115pts
  • 8.Aaron Marrant 1090pts
  • 9.Steve Stultz 1040pts
  • 10.Stormy Scott 955pts
Full Points