Lucas Oil MLRA

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2023 - Outerwears Crew Chief of the Race

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Outerwears will recognize the hard working, behind the scenes individuals that keep their driver in the hunt for victory each week. The Outerwears Crew Chief of the Year will award points to the Crew Chief of the Race at each event. The crew chief that accumulates the most points will receive $500 cash at the championship awards banquet.

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Lucas Oil MLRAas of 10/15/2022
  • 1.Chad Simpson 4690pts
  • 2.Kolby Vandenbergh 4265pts
  • 3.Daniel Hilsabeck 3870pts
  • 4.Steve Stultz 3160pts
  • 5.Johnny Scott 2635pts
  • 6.Tony Jackson Jr2340pts
  • 7.Chris Simpson 2145pts
  • 8.Aaron Marrant 2030pts
  • 9.Kaeden Cornell 2005pts
  • 10.Stormy Scott 1910pts
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